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All of the Hawaiian Islands have unique characteristics individually, but also between their distinct shores and communities due to compass and prevailing wind orientation. Most generally represented as North Shore, East Side, South Side and West Side they are further differentiated through culture, geographical and ocean features and characteristics, and things to do along with activities. Generally speaking tradewinds blow from the northeast, giving the East side the coolest weather with onshore to sideshore wind conditions, West Side the warmest with predominately offshore and lighter winds, South Side the sunniest and side to offshore, with North Shores gathering the most rain at times and a side to offshore wind direction. North and West shores typically see their largest surf Sept - May, with the South shore seeing an elevated surf season generally May - October, and always make sure to check with lifeguards and be aware of local surf forecasts if planning to swim or snorkel. On Kauai there is are marked differences between the different sides of the island and the various communities, making it an especially enjoyable island to explore whether visitor or resident.

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